Dec 14, 2013

How Twitter Mimics Wall Street: Streaming Information, Memes, Hype And People Screaming At Each Other

Observing all the hype surrounding the Twitter IPO on Twitter this past month, it dawned on me: Twitter and Wall Street are a lot alike. They both run on streaming information and data with people involved always looking for the next trend or big thing to follow, share or invest in, often screaming and yelling at each other in the process. No wonder then why Wall Street was so kind to Twitter with its strong IPO.

As memes go viral on the Twittersphere the social stock of the meme owner or creator also goes up and more people start “investing” in this meme by retweeting it or simply adding their own tweet to the conversation including the meme “ticker” or hashtag. Similarly as company stocks go “viral” on the stockmarket more people begin investing in the company, further driving up its stock price.

Taking this analogy a step further then, the most attractive current stocks such as Google or Apple resemble famous celebrities on Twitter with millions of followers. It follows that news or new information about these companies and celebrities are religiously followed by their followers and spectators. It is also evident that in both realms, it’s often really hard for a small player or newcomer to go “viral” and attract many followers or investors. However, if a newcomer is endorsed or advocated for by a celebrity or a big company in either ether, the social or stockmarket value of that entity is sure to explode and increase.

These two platforms have many similarities simply because they feed and function on information. Twitterzens can be both consumers or curators of information helping facilitate and being affected by memes of the day while Wall Street investors are both influenced and influence information and stock prices by their investing decisions.

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